Raising Finance

Raising finance can be an arduous, anxiety-inducing, time consuming task for any business, However, stress can be reduced if adequate business planning has taken place to allow management to devote sufficient attention to sourcing funds.  Many organisations do not plan effectively, which invariably jeopardises a company’s chances of success.

Ideally, a company should allow 6 –12 months to secure equity finance, but debt finance should be raised much more quickly.  A search for capital should not be a reflex reaction to unforeseen financial requirements that prudent planning would have flagged up.

Careful planning and well-drafted documents demonstrating this has been done are essential to attracting investors prepared to make financial commitments that will generate returns and rewards.

Management must focus on clearly defining a company’s aims and objectives before producing the company’s time-specific business plan, business strategy and route map for driving the company forward operationally to attain its goals, thereby establishing it as a viable investment and loan proposition.

Our role is to work with our clients to help crystallise the aspirations that have come from their great ideas, then to build a realistic business plan and sustainable business model that will enable them to work within the world of business, competition – and finance.

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