Corporate Services

Every business owner and board of directors requires the engagement of a team of professionals who provide continuous support and advice on the successful running of operations.

Our suite of corporate services encompasses Private Limited Companies (Ltd’s), Public Limited Companies (Plc’s) and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP’s), the last of which have grown in popularity since their introduction in the UK in 2001 due to the protection they offer the members.

We have developed a wide range of skills and services for corporate clients that will improve business performance and profitability and enable the discharge of corporate business compliance responsibilities.

We provide a fully bespoke service targeting areas of need only, so use of in-house resource and expertise can be maximised and our work for you can be cost effective.

We act for corporate clients of all sizes, from companies with turnovers of tens of thousands of pounds and fewer than five employees to multi-million pound international groups, but offer each one the same attention to the corporate matters they wish us to manage.

We also offer a tax enquiry insurance policy which covers the cost of our professional fees that you incur in any HMRC investigation to which you are subjected. For further information, please see Financial Services.