Company Formations

We firmly believe that our clients should receive the best possible advice regarding the formation and structure of any vehicle they set up to enable them to trade as a business, so will not just set up an off-the-shelf company.  It is worth noting that the process for setting up a UK Limited Liability Partnership is now very similar to setting up a UK company.

Our partner-driven company formation service offers direct input from qualified Chartered Accountants from the start of a company formation. We will create the most appropriate trading entity to deliver and sustain the venture you have planned in detail with us and attract the funding you will need for it to be successful.

We anticipate that a new entity can be in existence and able to open a bank account within 48 hours of receiving the necessary information.

Our fees include the completion of all legal and official forms on your behalf, the setting up of the statutory books of the entity, issuing the new shares and dealing with all matters surrounding the formation of a new entity.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Lee Davy-Martin or Muriel Pousse.

For more information please consult our Company Formations Experts...