Tom Rideal – Audit Manager

Why you joined Wilson Wright

I joined Wilson Wright because I wanted to join a small to medium sized company as opposed to a larger practice, reason being at large practices the work you’ll do on audits tends to be highly repetitive and you’ll be working on the same client for months on end. At smaller practices however the scope of the tasks you are given and the breadth / variety of clients and their industries keeps the work challenging and most importantly fresh.

What you enjoy most about working here

One of the things I have enjoyed about working here, apart from the fact that it has met the above point about the work being various and fresh, is that I was quickly given real responsibility through leading audits at an early stage of my training contract which not only speeds up your understanding of how audits and companies work at a higher level, but also gives you more ownership over the work you do. Additionally there is a good split of work between accounts prep and audits which means there is a good split of being in and out of the office.

What your experience has been of the formal, ICAEW related training/support

Support on the formal training side of it is positive and the fact that our training takes place over 4 rather than 3 years really takes the pressure of exams as you can do them in your own time, whether that be taking one exam at a time or three and have a break. The six monthly reviews, while some of it is formulaic in that there are certain training / ethical targets that we need to hit during our training and therefore need to discuss, also offers a good chance to talk with the training partner about how work is going generally with feedback from other partners / managers. Also the opportunity for any other concerns to be addressed.

What Wilson Wright is like socially

The social side of Wilson Wright has definitely improved since when I started in 2012 as the only times you’d really socialise would be at the annual dinner or when someone left. Since we’ve got bigger there has been a push to increase going out but admittedly not easy with so many employees now. In audit as a department we are quite good at trying to go out on a regular informal basis, for example we are going out for dinner tomorrow night in Shoreditch.

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