Should I use a share scheme such as EMI for the senior talent I hire for my technology company?

EMI schemes for tech companies bring valuable benefits when hiring employees

Tech company founders know that the key talented people they need to scale up the business will want equity as part of their reward as they are likely sacrificing a lucrative and comfortable career for a risky but ambitious fledgling business.

But how does one give them a slice of the future rewards without creating cost and complexity in the present?

The Enterprise Management Initiative (EMI) is an HMRC approved share scheme available to most trading companies that allows key employees to be granted share options in a very tax efficient way.

It is the most commonly used such vehicle in the UK, especially in London’s vibrant technology community, and we should know as creating such schemes is something we at Wilson Wright do every day!

EMI schemes have many benefits, which is why we often (but not always) recommend them to our fast growth tech clients.

EMI scheme benefits include:

  • Schemes are bespoke to fit the needs of your business and team.
  • It locks in the current valuation so executives in the scheme are not penalised with higher tax payments as the business grows in value.
  • A business valuation can be agreed in advance with HMRC giving both you and the employee certainty.

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