Focus on Staff: Neela Chauhan

Neela joined us as Head of Tax in 2016 and is working alongside Craig Nicholson, our tax partner.

Neela has worked with a number of high profile clients in the past, delivering a wide variety of tax services, as well as promoting audit, investment and accountancy support to a diverse range of businesses and high-net worth individuals.

She has a truly international approach to tax, with particular expertise and experience in Scandinavia, the USA and Asia. This makes her the ideal appointment for our globally-focused practice, which continues to enjoy the benefits of its membership of the prestigious DFK International network.

Neela assists our team with all aspects of tax compliance and planning – providing expert advice and support on Inheritance Tax, Corporation Tax, non-domicile related tax and a broad variety of personal tax issues.

In her spare time Neela is an avid film fan and is a member of the prestigious Women in Film and Television (WFTV) association, which has been achieved thanks to her role as a professional adviser to the industry – where she has assisted clients both in front and behind the camera.

She has also co-produced a film entitled Those Four Walls. Released last year, the film focuses on the story of three best friends, Krish, Aaron and Jayden, who are reunited after Krish arrives back in the UK after living in the USA for six years and is full of interesting plot twists. As part of her role Neela helped raise the finance and was responsible for budgeting, contracts and line producing.

Neela said her best achievement was the last day of the film shoot after four weeks of tough shooting, where on average she only enjoyed three hours of sleep a night.

Neela is the proud mother of two children a daughter, who is a radio DJ, script writer and producer and her son who works for the prestigious Harrods bank. When she isn’t focusing on her family or her film work Neela enjoys travelling.

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